Monday, August 18, 2014

Final Post

  1. Religion is a set of organizing principles for life.
  2. Right and Wrong are subjective not objective, but that shouldn't stop us (humanity) from inventing a set of organizing principles based on human experience and reason.
  3. Religion should be on firm ground. Humans have traditionally invented a 'faith-based' God to be at the foundation of a religion. But it needn't be that way. God is basically an entity that is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Guess what, so is the Universe (defining Universe as anything that existed/exists/will exist in the future).
  4. Universe is unquestionable, it exists in front of our eyes. We are part of it. However the creator of this Universe is questionable and beyond our grasp. Why even try to imagine (or invent) the creator? Just put the Universe at the foundation of religion.
  5. A set of organizing principles that could be embraced by all of humanity should be based on human experience and reason. All humans experience 'duality' i.e. they just know that they exist (don't need a proof) and know other things exist that which are different from them. All humans and very familiar with rational framework of 'causality' i.e. a bunch of things need to happen, come together to create something, sustain it and eventually destroy/transform it.
  6. Using the experience of duality and the rational framework of causality, we can define Universe as: "an interconnection of infinite, unique objects". It should be possible for every human to agree with this definition. This is critical to inventing a religion that entire humanity could embrace not just a particular group.
  7. If Universe is the foundation of the religion, it only makes sense to learn from it.
  8. From 'interconnectedness', we learn to be aware and to understand the interconnections in nature and to respect it and work in harmony with it.
  9. From 'infiniteness', we learn that we are infinitesimal in this Universe but it is possible to overcome this depressing fact by being among people we love and who love us back.
  10. From 'uniqueness', we learn that each person is unique in this space/time and whether he/she likes it or not, it is a fact. It is incumbent upon each of us to express that uniqueness and deliver positive things to world around.
  11. From 'object-ness', we learn that we live inside a body that makes us a person. It is a pre-requisite to take care of the body as when the body wears off we cease to exist.
  12.  Knowing the right thing is very different from doing the right thing. Being = Knowing + Doing.
  13. There is a lot to learn with regards to "doing" the right thing. There are a lot of skills that once we learn and incorporate in daily life will help us stay consistent with word and deed. I plan to document my learning here
  14. There are two attributes that define a great life: meaning and pleasure. You don't want a life with just one of those things. Ideally you want a life filled with great meaning and satisfaction but at the same time very pleasurable.
  15. Religion gives meaning.