Monday, August 07, 2017

There is one more thing

What I mean by Duality:
If Duality is true, there is a self/soul/spirit within me that makes me ME. Its the seed of "free-will".
If Duality is not true, there is no such self. Refer to concept of "no self" according to Buddhism:

What I mean by Causality:
If Causality is true, there is/are no super-intelligent being/s outside of known Universe that created this Universe. Refer to concept of "conditioned genesis" according to Buddhism:
If Causality is not true, there is/are such a beings.

People who "believe", who have "faith" fall in category of "Causality is False" i.e. believe there are things un-seen or unknowable (through scientific methods).
People who "believe in free-will" fall in category of "Duality is True" i.e. believe they are the authors of their thoughts, actions and have volition.

Both the sets of people in in the first row are quite happy as long as things are going well. If things don't go quite well for believers, they have to resort to appease their "gods/overlords". They have to surrender their free-will and capitulate to being puppets and be an instrument of God.
If things don't go quite well for the non-believers, there is no other resort but to look inside and question the existence of "self" and hope to awake to the reality of "no-self". Refer to Buddhist tradition of insight meditation:

Causality is True
Causality is False
Duality is True
a)Hugion a non-theistic religion proposed in this blog OR
b)Vanilla western society
a) Theistic Religions OR
b) We are in a Simulation
Duality is False
a)Surrender to God OR
b)Accept not being in base-reality